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AGS Detergents - range of our products which include washing detergent, softener, wet cleaning detergents, diffusers and pre-spotters.


Working in partnership with RAMPI, our commercial detergents, softeners and supplementary products are plant-based and eco-friendly. They work at low temperatures and are three times more concentrated than other detergents. All of the detergents have unique scents but they remain skin friendly and have proved to be very popular with those who have skin allergies and sensitive skin.

The MEDIT, SAPO detergent and softener ranges and some supplementary products are also suitable for domestic use.

We appreciate you may be dubious about changing your current detergent, softeners, supplementary and wet cleaning products which is why we are happy to send you free samples.

Each range comes in various sizes, 1L, 15L & 25L. 

We can also supply and install auto dosing to ensure you use the right amount of product. 

Since 2012 we have been RAMPI's main dealer in the UK. RAMPI has been in the field of chemical and cosmetic care since 1949. Their ethos works hand in hand with ours: to provide quality service - one of the many reasons we work so closely with them.

Apart from providing plant-based detergents, softeners, supplementary washing products and wet cleaning products, we can supply, service, install and maintain laundry/launderette equipment. We also specialise in supplying and installing water heaters.

If you would like more information about laundry/launderette and wet cleaning equipment please visit our sister website AGS Limited.

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