Product Samples

Our liquid detergents, fabric softeners and supplementary products are plant-based, not tested on animals and eco-friendly. All of the detergents have unique scents but remain skin friendly and have proved to be very popular with those who have skin allergies and sensitive skin. They are are even gentle enough for your newborn's skin. 

Working at low temperatures and three times more concentrated than other detergents, it is no wonder they are Italy's leading professional detergents.

We appreciate you may be dubious about changing your current detergent, fabric softener, supplementary and wet cleaning products which is why we are happy to send you free samples.

NB. Some samples are for professional use only - indicated below.  


The MEDIT detergent range are the best, they remove stains at low temperatures. The smell of the detergents are great, a freshness that can be smelt for many days. Clean and fresh washing every time. Highly recommended. 

Janette at Dunmow Ironing Palour

We have been using the Wet Cleaning range for over six years now and to be frank we have been so impressed by not only the versatility of the detergents but the fragrance and the lack of pre-spotting that is required when using them. 

Not only can we wet clean garments and bedlinen but also suede, leather and other items such as footwear and bags. 

From a financial perspective AGS Detergents were also cheaper than our previous brand and that for us was an added bonus!

Saj at Forest Eco Cleaners, London

Having been in the industry for about 35 years, here at E1 Dry Cleaners we have been using AGS Detergents for over 8 years now and can honestly say they have been the best cleaning agents we have used. The combination of great cleaning at low temperatores with a subtle and pleasant fragrence gives great all-round results.

Mel at E1 Dry Cleaners