Eco-friendly care

Eco-friendly care

We spoke to Lindsay Simons of AGS about best practices for cleaning rugs and clothing using vegan-friendly and plant-based sanitising products for equestrian wear. In our discussion, we explored the advantages and environmental impact of these products, as well as how they contribute to equine biosecurity. The main benefits of using these products include gentleness on human and animal skin, a lower environmental impact and reduced energy consumption during production.

Addressing detrimental ingredients

Traditional chemical-based products often contain potentially harmful ingredients, which can lead to allergic reactions and skin irritations in horses. Plant-based sanitising products, on the other hand, are infused with essential oils and vegetable extracts that protect and nourish the skin and hair of horses, effectively addressing these issues. They are manufactured using renewable and sustainable sources, resulting in a lower environmental footprint and increased sustainability, compared to traditional chemical-based products. Plant-based sanitising products also offer benefits such as respecting the hydro-lipidic balance of animals and maintaining a physiological pH level compatible with horses. However, it’s crucial to understand that disease prevention among horses is not directly related to using a specific detergent; rather, it can be achieved through the application of particular pharmaceutical products.

Energy reduction and efficiency

Utilising products that work at lower temperatures and have higher concentrations than traditional detergents provides numerous environmental advantages. By reducing the washing temperature from 60° to 30/35°, there is a significant decrease in energy consumption. This temperature reduction allows for more efficient use of natural washing components, yielding improved results that would be unachievable at higher temperatures.

Additionally, the natural components in these products are derived exclusively from renewable raw materials. Employing highly concentrated plant-based surfactants leads to fewer chemicals entering the sewer system, therefore reducing environmental impact.

In partnership with RAMPI

A partnership between AGS and RAMPI was established to provide environmentally friendly laundry detergents suitable for various industries while ensuring effectiveness at lower temperatures, cost-efficiency and uncompromising results. RAMPI’s detergents are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and are not tested on animals, which often exceeds customer expectations. RAMPI’s deep-rooted history in the cleaning industry, initially focusing on laundry and dry cleaning, has now expanded to encompass the equine and pet sectors.

Equine biosecurity is just one aspect that should be considered within the broader context of cleaning technologies. As we face climate change, our habits must adapt, and the cleaning industry is a key player in driving this transformation. Our responsibility is to make essential decisions and educate our partners and customers on adopting a more sustainable approach to cleaning. This dedication led to the creation of AGS’s first plant-based range of surfactants, and the company continually re-evaluates its operations to ensure ongoing sustainability and eco-friendliness improvements.

The insights provided by Maxine and Lindsay highlight the importance of biosecurity and hygiene in the equine world. By following their advice and embracing effective practices and products, we can all ensure the health and well-being of our equines, contributing to a safer and more sustainable equestrian community