Are your detergents tested on animals?
No, each supplier involved in making our detergents does not test on animals. If required, official statements can be produced.  
Why does the detergent not carry the "vegan trademark"?
The vegan trademark isn't an official certification; every country has independent associations that each require an annual fee to belong to them.

RAMPI started the production of plant-based surfactants 10+ years ago (before "vegan" became fashionable) and does not feel the need to be told the products they use are plant-based raw materials.
What does plant-based mean?
Plant-based means all surfactants contained in the formula (the core of the chemical) come from natural processes and raw materials. All chemicals used in the following ranges are plant-based: Sapo, MEDIT, Aloe, WhiTex and Igiensoft.
Are the detergents and softeners allergy free?
All chemicals used are nickel-tested. Our eco-friendly detergents and softeners have cut out harmful and/or allergen-carrying chemicals which can irritate the skin, eyes and respiratory system.