Delivery Information

Our delivery charges to the UK are as follows:

Pallet (up to x24 25L containers) = £70 +VAT

Pallet (up to x36 15L containers) = £70 +VAT

We will always aim to get as many products as possible into one box to reduce the cost of delivery: 

FedEx Delivery 1 (up to x15 or less boxed 15L containers) = £5.95 per box +VAT

FedEx Delivery 2 (x2 5L per box up to x15 boxed) = £5.95 per box +VAT

FedEx Delivery 3 (x9 or less 1L bottles boxed) = £6.95 per box +VAT

FedEx Delivery 4 (x12 or less 400ml bottles or cans boxed) = £6.95 per box +VAT

FedEx Delivery 5 (x9 or less 500ml bottles or cans boxed) = £6.95 per box +VAT

FedEx Delivery 6 (x12 or up to x6 125ml diffuser or up to x12 Tab Carton or Strip Box) = £6.95 +VAT

FedEx Delivery 7 (less than x6 125ml diffuser or individual tab or pouch) = £8.95 per box +VAT

Samples = free delivery

Charges outside the UK will be confirmed directly. 


The cost of delivery for samples outside of the UK will be charged. If an order is placed within 3 months of receiving your sample(s) the cost of delivering the samples will be deducted.

International delivery charges will be confirmed directly.


Any product(s) wishing to be returned will need to have the delivery cost covered by the customer.