WhiTex 2.0 Wash

Large drum of white liquid detergent from our WhiTex 2.0 range.

WhiTex 2.0 Wash

At AGS Detergents, we understand commercial laundries, launderettes, hotel laundries and businesses who launder on site seek excellence, efficiency, and growth opportunities. Our WhiTex 2.0 Wash a liquid detergent tailored for professionals from RAMPI, delivers on all fronts. 

Precision Cleaning: WhiTex 2.0 Wash achieves perfect results. It's not just about cleanliness; it's about maintaining the pristine appearance of your linens. Say goodbye to progressive greying and hello to vibrant whites via the optical brightening agents, they will restore yellowing or greying fabrics to their original colour - ensuring your lines look as good as new. It is your secret weapon for pristine white linens and what will set you apart from your competitors. 

Concentration Matters: WhiTex 2.0 Wash packs a powerful punch, three times more concentrated than other detergents. 

Energy-Saving Efficiency: WhiTex 2.0 Wash performs brilliantly even at lower temperatures, helping you save energy without compromising on quality. Your linens stay fresh, and the planet thanks you.

Lotus Flower Fragrance: Experience the delicate, long-lasting scent of Lotus Flower on every item.

Eco-Conscious Choice: Promote to your own customers that you use a plant-based, vegan-friendly detergent that contains no bleach, making it gentle on the environment, your customers items and your conscience. 

Skin Friendly: If your customers are worried about their items irritating their customers skins, you can reassure them. WhiTex 2.0 Wash is non-irritating, making it ideal for everyone, even delicate babies skin. 

Stubborn Stains:

Take it up a notch by combining WhiTex 2.0 Wash with Cleantex, our stain remover and Emulsitex - a booster which is ideal for table linen, sheets, shirts, duvets and more. These powerhouses target even the most persistent stains in commercial settings.

Retail Opportunity:

Expand your business beyond commercial clients! Offer WhiTex Wash to your customers and/or the public in 1L bottles or via a re-fillable service. There are lots of other exciting products you can include in your range, offering your customers a full package. It’s a win-win for everyone and we can support you with a retail unit stand(s) and more. 

Choose Your Size:

15L: Perfect for small businesses, auto-dosing as well as retail sales.

25L Drum: Need more? Contact us for details.

Still unsure? Order a 200ml free sample today. 



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