WhiTex 2.0 Soft

Large drum containing liquid softener from our WhiTex 2.0 range.

WhiTex 2.0 Soft

WhiTex 2.0 Soft is the ultimate liquid softener and will quickly become your secret weapon for pristine fabrics when used in conjunction with WhiTex 2.0 Wash. It is ideal for use on white and pastel fabrics, linen, towels and shirts. 

Highly Concentrated: A little goes a long way, making it cost-effective, ideal for laundries. 

Energy-Saving: Works wonders even at low temperatures, saving energy and costs. 

Plant-Based and Vegan-Friendly: WhiTex 2.0 Soft cares for your fabrics and the planet.

No Bleach: Say goodbye to harsh chemicals—WhiTex 2.0 Soft is bleach-free.

Gentle on Skin: Even those with allergies can enjoy the softness as is also ideal on newborn skin.

Microcapsules: Our innovative heat-resistant microcapsules locks in the delicate Lotus flower scent. 

Sanitising Power: Perfect for both hand and machine washes ensuring laundry is hygienically clean.

Retail Opportunity:

Expand your business beyond commercial clients! Offer WhiTex Soft to your customers and/or the public in 1L bottles or via a re-fillable service. There are lots of other exciting products you can include in your range, offering your customers a full package. It’s a win-win for everyone and we can support you with a retail unit stand(s) and more. 

Choose Your Size:

15L: Perfect for small businesses, auto-dosing as well as retail sales.

25L Drum: Need more? Contact us for details.

Still unsure? Order a 200ml free sample today. 



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