MEDIT Green Soft Fabric Conditioner

MEDIT Green Soft Fabric Conditioner

Discover the ultimate in fabric care with MEDIT Green Soft, your go-to vegan fabric conditioner which is plant based. 

Elevate your laundry experience with this highly concentrated formula, perfect for achieving irresistibly soft clothes, duvet covers, towels, and linen. 

Enriched with olive extracts, MEDIT Green Soft not only enhances softness but also prevents greying, leaving your fabrics looking vibrant and new. What sets us apart is the infusion of hyaluronic acid, making it the ideal last rinse for an extra touch of luxury.

Experience the innovation of our MEDIT range, featuring heat-resistant microcapsules that ensure a long-lasting, delightful scent on your freshly laundered items. MEDIT Green delights your senses with a refreshing blend of citrus leaves, verbena, and green tea.

Why choose MEDIT Green Soft?

Plant-based and vegan-friendly: A conscious choice for eco-conscious consumers.

Eco-friendly: Reduce your environmental impact without compromising on performance.

No bleach: Gentle on fabrics, tough on stains.

Concentrated Power: A little goes a long way, saving you money and resources.

Economical: Active even at low temperatures, saving energy and cost.

Non-irritating: Suitable for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Amazing long-lasting scents: Infused with microcapsules for a long-lasting fragrance.

Sanitising: Ensure your laundry is not just soft but also clean and fresh.

How to Use: 

MEDIT Green Soft works best when paired with: 

MEDIT Green Wash: for everyday cleaning and gentle care. 

Cleantex: tackle tough stains like coffee, tea, grass, ink and more with confidence. Cleantex is your ally against the toughest accidents. 

Elevate your washing experience with MEDIT Green Wash and MEDIT Green Soft - where sustainability meets superior performance. Make the switch to an eco-friendly vegan fabric conditioner and washing detergent today, the perfect package. Your clothes, skin and the planet will thank you! 



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