MEDIT Green Wash Liquid Detergent

1L bottle of our Medit Green Vegan Laundry Detergent

MEDIT Green Wash Liquid Detergent

Introducing MEDIT Green Wash, your go-to liquid detergent for a powerful and eco-friendly laundry experience. our highly concentrated vegan formula delivers exceptional results even at low temperatures, promoting energy savings. Perfect for all fabrics - cotton, synthetic, linen and coloured - it revives clothes, restoring them to their original brilliance. 

Plant-Powered Brilliance: MEDIT Green Wash harnesses the strength of plant-based ingredients that leaves no room for compromise. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to a greener clean. 

Energy-Saving Efficiently: you don't need high temperatures for outstanding results. It is designed to perform even at low temperatures for outstanding results, reducing your energy consumption. Plus, it's tree times more concentrated than regular liquid detergents, making every drop count. 

Fabric Freedom: from cotton to synthetics, MEDIT Green Wash works wonders on all fabrics. Whether it's your favourite linen shirt or a colourful blouse, it helps restore clothes to their original brightness.

Freshness in Every Wash: the invigorating scent of citrus leaves, verbena and green tea lingers on your washing. It's like a breath of nature with each load. 

Gentle on Skin: MEDIT Green Wash is a friend to sensitive skin. It's non-irritating, making it ideal for babies, children and anyone with skin allergies

Sanitisation Bonus: clean isn't enough, we also ensure sanitised washing, keeping your clothes fresh and hygienic even after a heavy gym session! 

Pair MEDIT Green Wash with our luxurious MEDIT Green Soft fabric conditioner - softness meets sustainability! For those stubborn stains, meet Cleantex our trusted vegan friendly stain remover. From coffee spills to ink mishaps, Cleantex tackles them all.



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