MEDIT Effe Soft Fabric Conditioner

1L bottle containing our Medit Effe Fabric Softener for Sensitive Skin

MEDIT Effe Soft Fabric Conditioner

Indulge in the luxury of softness with MEDIT Effe Soft, the ultimate solution for those seeking the best fabric conditioner for sensitive skin. Our highly concentrated professional softener goes beyond ordinary care, elevating your clothing, duvet covers, towels, and linen to new heights of plush comfort.

Crafted with a ground-breaking Vitamin F formula, MEDIT Effe Soft not only enhances softness but also prevents skin irritation and redness. Perfect for sensitive skin, our fabric softener is hypoallergenic, ensuring a non-irritating experience. Say goodbye to greying clothes and hello to a vibrant, skin-friendly laundry routine.

Unveil the secret to long-lasting freshness with our MEDIT range. Packed with heat-resistant microcapsules, our softeners guarantee an enduring scent that lingers on your fabrics. The Mediterranean-inspired aroma of peony and helichrysum essences adds a touch of sophistication to your daily life.

Why choose MEDIT Effe Soft?

Plant-based and vegan-friendly: A conscious choice for those who prioritise ethical and sustainable living.

Eco-friendly: Embrace a greener lifestyle with our environmentally conscious formula.

No bleach: Gentle on fabrics, tough on stains, without compromising on softness.

Highly concentrated: Experience superior softness with a little going a long way.

Economical: Active at low temperatures, our softener ensures efficiency without compromising results.

Non-irritating: Hypoallergenic and enriched with skin-care properties, making it the best fabric conditioner for sensitive skin or those who suffer with eczema. 

Amazing scents: Elevate your laundry experience with the captivating fragrance of Mediterranean peony and helichrysum which lasts.

Sanitising: Ensure a hygienic clean for your fabrics, leaving them refreshed and revitalized.

How to Use: 

MEDIT Effe Soft works best when paired with: 

MEDIT Effe Wash: for everyday cleaning and gentle care. 

Cleantex: tackle tough stains like coffee, tea, grass, ink and more with confidence. Cleantex is your ally against the toughest accidents. 

Elevate your washing experience with MEDIT Effe Wash and MEDIT Effe Soft - where sustainability meets superior performance. Make the switch to an eco-friendly fabric softener and washing detergent today, the perfect package. Your clothes, skin and the plant will thank you!



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