MEDIT Effe Wash Liquid Detergent

MEDIT Effe Wash Liquid Detergent

Your eco-friendly vitamin powered solution for your clothes and your skin.   

We believe laundry care should be both effective and gentle. Our highly concentrated vegan and eco-friendly liquid detergent is a game-changer. 

Why is MEDIT Effe the perfect choice for your home?

The Vitamin F enrichment sets MEDIT Effe apart - this essential fatty acid duo - alphalinolenic acid (ALA) and linoleic acid (LA) works wonders for your skin. Vitamin F helps prevent skin irritation, inflammation and dryness. 

Stunning results, lower temperatures, MEDIT Effe doesn't compromise on performance. Even at lower temperatures, it tackles tough stains with finesse. 

MEDIT Effe suits all fabrics, from delicate cotton to vibrant synthetics - it is like a gentle hug for your clothes due to its fabric friendly formula. It is three times more concentrated than regular detergents, making it an economical choice. 

Our commitment to the environment shines through with MEDIT Effe, it is an eco-friendly detergent, free from harsh bleach and the recyclable/re-fillable packaging adds an extra green touch. 

Ideal for everyone, including babies and those with sensitive skin, MEDIT Effe won't cause irritation. 

After every wash, you will be taken to the Mediterranean - picture blooming peonies and sun-kissed helichrysum. This is the gorgeous fragrance left on your clothes and when used in conjunction with MEDIT Effe soft the scent becomes long-lasting. 

If that isn't enough, your clothes aren't just clean, but also sanitised - MEDIT Effe ensures hygiene and freshness. 

Pair your washing routine with our luxurious MEDIT Effe Soft fabric conditioner and for those pesky coffee spills, grass stains or ink mishaps, trust Cleantex, our powerful vegan friendly stain remover. Its a superhero for your wardrobe!



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