MEDIT Blue Soft

Large drum containing a white laundry softener, from our MEDIT Blue range.

MEDIT Blue Soft

We understand commercial laundries, launderettes, hotel laundries and those who wash items on site demand more than just clean linens—they seek excellence, efficiency, and growth opportunities. Our MEDIT Blue Soft is a highly concentrated professional fabric conditioner, designed to meet these exact needs. 

Versatile Performance: MEDIT Blue Soft delivers incredibly soft clothes, duvet covers, towels, linen and more. 

Greying Prevention: Say goodbye to dull, faded fabrics. MEDIT Blue Soft prevents your linens from greying, ensuring they stay vibrant and fresh. Helping you to stand out from your competitors. 

Hyaluronic Acid Boost: As the perfect last rinse, MEDIT Blue Soft also contains hyaluronic acid. 

Long-Lasting Scent: Our fabric softeners in the MEDIT range feature innovative heat-resistant microcapsules. These ensure the delightful Mediterranean fragrance lingers on your linens for an extended amount of time. 

Eco-Conscious Choice: A plant-based, vegan-friendly solution that contains no bleach. It's gentle on both your fabrics and the environment.

Non-Irritating: Even those with skin allergies can enjoy the softness and the luxurious Mediterranean scent as it's non-irritating and suitable for everyone, even newborn babies.

Retail Opportunity:

Expand your business beyond commercial clients! Offer MEDIT Blue Soft to your customers and/or the public in 1L bottles or via a re-fillable service. There are lots of other exciting products you can include in your range, offering your customers a full package. It’s a win-win for everyone and we can support you with a retail unit stand(s) and more. 

Choose Your Size:

15L: Perfect for small businesses, auto-dosing as well as retail sales.

25L Drum: Need more? Contact us for details.

Still unsure? Order a 200ml free sample today. 



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