Our premium laundry emulsifier was created to boost professional laundry services. This essential component has a high concentration of surfactants with very effective emulsifying properties which increases the alkaline pH of the water, improving the cleaning power of greasy stains. 

It removes grease and is indispensable for those tasked with laundering table linens, sheets, shirts, jackets, duvets, quilts, and more. 

The emulsifier can be added directly to the wash or used as a pre-wash, doing away with the need to pre-treat collars and cuffs. 

Can be used on cotton, linen, wool, natural and synthetic fibres to remove any greasy dirt from fabrics such as: 

  • oil
  • grease
  • human skin grease
  • lubricating oils
  • sludge
  • natural oils
  • food fats.

Formulated to work in conjunction with our WhiTex and/or MEDIT detergent range. 

Size: 15L

Still unsure? Order a 200ml free sample today. 

Use: Professional use only.

Price: includes VAT



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