Wet Wash Delicate

Drum containing a pink liquid wet cleaning detergent called Wet Wash Delicate

Wet Wash Delicate

Wet Wash Delicate is part of our WE-TEX Wet Cleaning range. 

It is a professional high-quality detergent for use in all Wet Cleaning processes, specifically created for natural fibres such as wool and silk. 

Wet Wash Delicate cleans without altering the fabric and shape of the garment(s) and is effective at low temperatures. The detergent contains a balance of plant-based substances to nourish fragile fibres; its slightly acidic pH preserves elasticity by preventing fibres from drying out. 

It will also prevent felting and preserves the softness and colour of woollen garments.

Use: Professional only

Size: 15L

We can provide Wet Wash Delicate in a 25L drum - please contact us for further details.



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