MEDIT Aloe Wash Liquid Detergent

MEDIT Aloe Wash Liquid Detergent

Introducing Aloe Wash, your go-to solution for eliminating urine odours and stains from laundry. Our high-performance, plant-based sanitising laundry detergent is not only ideal for caring for the elderly, but it also stands out as the best detergent in our range for tackling the challenging scent of urine.

Designed with the utmost care for pets, Aloe Wash is also gentle on their skin and perfect for washing pet beds, blankets, towels, and dog coats. 

Powered by advanced surfactants, this detergent penetrates textile fibers deeply, effectively removing stains and odors without compromising fabric resistance or color.

Why choose Medit Aloe Liquid Detergent? 

Plant-based and vegan: A conscientious choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

Eco-friendly: A detergent that aligns with your commitment to sustainable living.

Bleach-free: Protects your fabrics without harsh chemicals.

Three times more concentrated: A little goes a long way, offering excellent value.

Economical: Active even at low temperatures, saving energy and costs.

Non-irritating: Ideal for sensitive skin and those with allergies.

Sanitises laundry: Ensures a hygienic clean for your clothes, perfect for elderly care, newborns and children. A safe and effective choice for your family.

Amazing, Aloe Vera scent: Experience long-lasting freshness.

Complement your laundry routine with MEDIT Aloe Soft fabric softener for an added touch of softness. For tough stains, pair Aloe Wash with our recommended stain remover, Cleantex. Whether it's coffee, tea, grass, ice cream, ink, lipstick, or more, Cleantex is your ally against hard-to-remove stains.



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