MEDIT Blue Soft Fabric Conditioner

Our vegan and eco friendly 1L fabric softener which has long lasting scents of the Mediterranean.

MEDIT Blue Soft Fabric Conditioner

MEDIT Blue Soft: Your Ultimate Eco-Friendly Fabric Softener

Are you tired of compromising between effectiveness and environmental consciousness? Look no further! MEDIT Blue Soft is your answer—a highly concentrated fabric softener that delivers exceptional results while being kind to the planet.

Why Choose MEDIT Blue Soft?

Unbeatable Softness: MEDIT Blue Soft transforms your clothes, duvet covers, towels, and linen into a cocoon of comfort. Say goodbye to scratchy fabrics and hello to luxurious softness.

Greying Prevention: Worried about your favorite garments losing their vibrancy? MEDIT Blue Soft actively prevents greying, keeping your fabrics looking fresh and vibrant.

Hyaluronic Acid Infusion: Yes, you read that right! Our softener contains hyaluronic acid—the skincare superstar. It’s not just for your face; it’s the secret to maintaining fabric suppleness. Disclaimer: the hyaluronic acid in our products are for fabric care, not skincare. Please don't apply directly to your face! 

Long-Lasting Scent: The innovative heat-resistant microcapsules in MEDIT Blue Soft ensure that the delightful aroma of myrtle, orange blossom, and Mediterranean fragrances lingers on your fabrics.

Eco-Warrior Approved: MEDIT Blue Soft is plant-based and vegan-friendly. No harsh chemicals, no bleach—just pure goodness for your laundry and the environment.

Concentrated Power: Three times more concentrated than regular detergents, MEDIT Blue Soft saves you money and reduces plastic waste. Plus, it works wonders even in cold water.

Gentle on Skin: Even those with sensitive skin can indulge in the luxury of MEDIT Blue Soft. No irritation, just pure comfort.

Sanitising Bonus: Not only does it soften, but it also sanitises. Perfect for households with pets or little ones.

How to Use: 

MEDIT Blue Soft works best when paired with: 

MEDIT Blue Wash: for everyday cleaning and gentle care. 

Cleantex: tackle tough stains like coffee, tea, grass, ink and more with confidence. Cleantex is your ally against the toughest accidents. 

Elevate your washing experience with MEDIT Blue Wash and MEDIT Blue Soft - where sustainability meets superior performance. Make the switch to an eco-friendly fabric softener and washing detergent today, the perfect package. Your clothes, skin and the planet will thank you! 



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