AGS Detergent Update

At AGS we pride ourselves on always delivering an exceptional service to our customers, which is why when we started selling laundry detergents, we knew we wanted to offer products that are cost-effective without compromising on the end result.  We researched the market and found that no one was offering eco-friendly detergents which were highly concentrated products that worked well at low temperatures making each wash tremendously cost-effective.  Following our research, we decided to partner with RAMPI.

Sapo Bucato is mainly composed of raw materials of vegetable origin.  It replaces washing powder and can be used to wash all types of fabric, restoring original brightness.  It’s concentrated and only uses 1/3 of a standard dose, it operates at low temperatures due to a balance of enzymes and is effective on a wide range of stains; for the removal of awkward stains, we recommend a single dose of Oxitex.

WhiTex is a sanitizing concentrated liquid for white or light colours.  It also replaces powered detergents eliminating the need for high temperatures, it’s ideal for tablecloths, sheets, towels, shirts and other light-coloured articles.  It contains a mixture of non-anionic surfactants that emulsify, saturate and protect garments from progressive greying and a mixture of enzymes which are effective on a wide range of stains including wine, tea, milk and particularly grease and fats.

Sapo Oxitex is an auxiliary agent for washing that combined with standard detergent promotes the removal of stains.  It develops a balanced oxygen content as a bleaching agent yet does not damage fabrics.  It has a sanitising action and excellent results are achieved when used within laundries and geriatric/hospital units.  It is not toxic or corrosive and is odourless and completely biodegradable.

Emulsitex is ideal for removing any kind of grease from fabrics inclusive of oil, grease, human skin grease, lubricating oils, sludge, natural oils and food fat.  In many cases, it reduces the need to pre-treat collars and cuffs.  It is ideal for cotton, linen, wool, silk, natural and synthetic fibres and works well with all our liquid laundry detergents.

Sapo Soft is a high-performance softener perfect for all types of fabrics and works well with all of our laundry detergent liquids.  It is a multifunctional softener which stretches fibres to make them smoother and facilitates ironing and works against bacteria which has not been eliminated by washing.

Cleantex is a concentrated pre-spotter for professional cleaning which facilitates the removal of stubborn stains.  It penetrates deep into fabric fibres dissolving the most stubborn soiling it is effective on all types of stains including coffee, tea, grass, ice cream, sauces, lipstick, ink, edible fats, candle wax etc..

AGS Starch is a liquid anti-wrinkle starch for water garments which forms a protective film on fibres and makes articles feel like new.  It facilitates ironing, makes fabrics smell fresh and clean and is economical.

MEDIT Aloe Wash detergent purifies and cleans without affecting colour and is formulated with an active ingredient effective against a wide range of bacteria and also contains Aloe Vera – which is a horse-friendly wonder plant.  It is ideal to use on all horse rugs and animal bedding.

AGS Reproofer restores waterproofing to garments without altering the original texture, even after numerous washes.  It protects garments from rain and liquid dirt.  It is a suitable anti-stain treatment for tablecloths and napkins as well as for outdoor wear.  It forms a very fine film on the surface of the garment which seals the fibres and prevents liquid dirt from penetrating – creating a powerful hydro-repellent effect.

To save even further on detergent usage we also offer a pump system that can be fitted on most washers. However, if you have current Electrolux machinery we can fit Efficient Dosing pumps; Electrolux washers weigh the load and the E.D. pumps apply the correct amount of detergent for each individual load which means even more savings!

All of our detergents are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and have not been tested on animals.  We are incredibly proud of what they have to offer in terms of value for money and their level of performance and our customers say the same!

As for wet cleaning, we sell Lagoon Advance Care which is manufactured by Electrolux to ensure the best results are achieved only LAC chemicals should be used.

There are three products Lagoon Sensitive detergent, Lagoon Delicate 2 in 1 and Lagoon Sensitive Conditioner; these are sold in 10 and 20 litre containers. There is no doubt that these products are competitively priced.

As an alternative and due to the fact we have our own laundry detergent range we can also supply wet cleaning detergents to customers who do not use Electrolux machinery and to this end offer the We-Tex range which includes: Wet Wash UNI, Wet Plus, Wet Wash Delicate, Wet Revive Finisher and Wet Premover; these are mainly sold in 15 litre containers apart from the pre spotter which is sold in a 5 litre container.

Names of products updated on: 24/03/23