Auto-dosing pump unit(s) are programmed to automatically dispense the correct amount and the right liquid detergent at every wash cycle.

There are a number of benefits to adding an auto-dosing pump unit to your machine. 

It will stop the overuse of detergents which can lead to blockages and the clogging of pipes. Having the detergent put into the machine automatically will remove any additional wastage and accidental spillages. 

If you use chemicals in your washes such as bleach the auto-dosing pump unit will protect your staff from manual handling.

Perhaps one benefit that isn't discussed as much is how it can stop the under-use of detergent which could result in your customer's clothes not having to be re-laundered because stains haven't been removed and the clothes aren't smelling as fresh as they should. 

All of these benefits will ensure your running costs are more cost-effective and could save you money in the long run.

As part of AGS, we can install auto-dosing pumps. We would recommend our detergents be used with the pumps but we don't insist upon it. Our engineers will discuss your requirements to create the right programmes for you.

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