Wet Cleaning Samples

Wet Cleaning Samples

Discover Our Wet Cleaning Samples

Changing essential aspects of your wet cleaning processes can feel overwhelming. That’s why we’re excited to offer you free 200ml samples to try out:

Pre-Spotter - Wet Premover: Get a sneak peek at our effective pre-spotter solution.

Detergent - Wet Wash UNI: Suitable for all wet cleaning processes.

Detergent - Wet Plus: A powerful booster designed to enhance Wet Wash UNI.

Detergent - Wet Wash Delicate: Crafted specifically for natural fibres like wool and silk.

Finisher - Wet Revive: Softening and retexturing properties. 

Finisher - Wet No Rain: Restoring waterproofing to garments including wax jackets and horse rugs. 

Add the full range to your basket or one sample to experience the difference of our wet cleaning detergents. Take the first step toward superior wet cleaning results.

Professional Use only. 



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